Safe Child Africa works tirelessly with our partners in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, to support and protect children affected by Child Witchcraft Accusations and other forms of abuse. While we do our best to respond to enquiries relating to Child Witchcraft Accusations, the following documentaries and reports, are well worth viewing, to fully understand the complex issues that have created the ‘perfect storm’ for Child Witchcraft Accusations to be the threat to the WELL BEING and safety of children, in WEST AFRICA, that they are today.

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‘Saving Africa’s Witch Children’

The Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ documentary ‘Saving Africa’s Witch Children’ (first aired in November 2008) provides an in-depth look at the often complex and troubling practice of Child Witchcraft Accusations in West Africa. The documentary, which was produced by Red Rebel Films and directed by Mags Gavan and Joost van der Vaal received wide critical acclaim, winning a BAFTA and an International Emmy Award, for Best Current Affairs.

You can view the documentary Saving Africa’s Witchchildren here (clicking this link will open a new window where you can view the documentary on YouTube) Please note the YouTube channel is not affiliated with, endorsed or connected to Safe Child Africa, therefore we can not monitor the content nor guarantee suitability or safety, of any related content or advertisements..

Alternatively, a shorter, edited clip of the same documentary can be viewed by scrolling down this page.

Please be aware, that the documentary does contain some very disturbing scenes from the outset and is not suitable viewing for children or young people.

Branded and Beaten

In 2018, the award-winning video and photo Journalist Marc Ellison, produced an in-depth report for the BBC, entitled ‘Branded and Beaten’. The report, which includes input and interviews with Safe Child Africa’s Child Support and Protection Partner, James Ibor, provides an up-to-date snapshot on the current situation of Child Witchcraft Accusations in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, coupled with some very powerful imagery. You can read the full report, here.


Last updated March 2019