Every time we help a child, it’s our supporters who have made it happen. You can make it happen too; get in touch and we will give you everything you need to get started.  


Organise an event

Selina, who ran the London Marathon for us

Selina, who ran the London Marathon for us

Get your friends, family or colleagues on board or get to know your neighbours with a summer barbeque, sponsored urban walk, pub crawl or bring n buy. We have a list as long as your arm, of ideas to raise cash. Talk to us, we love to hear from you! 

Take on a challenge

What goals have you set yourself for 2017 ? Do you need a helping hand to reach them ? Would an audience of people inspire you to aim higher ? Take on your own challenge or join one of ours and see how good it feels to beat those goals and at the same time help us to reach our target of helping more children in danger and distress in 2017. 

Be a 'Friends of Safechild' Group

Do you have a group of friends that you get together with regularly ? Maybe you're part of a running group ? Do you have friends that you meet with socially or are you friends with people you meet on the school run ? You could put these relationships to great effect by becoming a Friends of Safechild group and committing to organising one or two events for us, each year. As well as giving a new focus to your friendship its a great chance to learn some new skills and uncover talents you didn't know you had! Get in touch and we will get you started. 

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