About Our Work

‘Safe Child Africa works with partner organisations in the Niger Delta, to deliver life changing interventions to children who are being persecuted, abused or denied their Child Rights.’

#1 Child Protection and Support


Working closely with our partners, we help to protect and support children who have been affected by Child Witchcraft Accusations or abuse.

We provide practical, medical and emotional support through our Child Protection Centre and a safe and secure place to stay through our Emergency Accommodation Shelter. Both of these facilities are based in Cross Rivers State and run by our partner Basic Rights Counsel Initiative.

Our Child Protection and Support work also involves helping children, who for a number of reasons, find themselves without a home and with no alternative but to live on the streets. We fund a permanent accommodation and support facility, run by our partner SYDRI in Calabar.

#2 Education


The foundations of our Charity were built - quite literally - on Education, with the building of the Stepping Stones Model School in Akwa Ibom State.

Today Safe Child Africa remains committed to creating bright futures for vulnerable children and as such we have continued to support access to education for children at the Stepping Stones Model School in Akwa Ibom State, and Bebor School in Rivers State, through our well-established scholarship programmes.

These programmes enable children living in poverty or who are otherwise disadvantaged, to gain and attend a place in Primary School. This is just one of the ways in which Safe Child Africa works to remove the barriers that stand in the way of a bright and positive future for these young children. Some of the children we support have experienced loss, pain or abuse that no child should have to know. As a result they face particular challenges which limit their ability to enrol in other schools due to discrimination against disability or parental status, poverty or persecution.

#3 Advocacy

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A vital part of the work of Safe Child Africa, is our capacity to act as an advocate for those children without a voice.

Our Advocacy framework supports reintegration projects and working with Civil Society to promote, campaign and educate with key messages that will help to influence the change that is needed at all levels to protect child rights effectively.

Safe Child Africa also supports community engagement activities in Nigeria, holding events to mark the International Day for Street Children, the Day of the African Child and Universal Children's Day. We consider it is extremely positive that our community education and engagement work is leading both to increased commitment to protect children, and increased motivation to take action when children are abused.

Last updated July 2019