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Meet Precious

Precious has been through a lot for an 11 year old child. Following her father's death and her mother's illness, a church accused Precious of being 'spiritually responsible' for her family's misfortune. At the time, Precious was just 4 years old.

After this allegation, Precious was taken to an orphanage by her mother and left there for 2 months. A leader within the church took Precious from the orphanage to his home over 9 hours away by car. Precious stayed there for 7 years and during this time she was sexually abused by three boys at his house. Not only this, she was also routinely subjected to deliverance sessions attempting to rid her of her 'spirit possession', rigorous and frequent fasting, and physical abuse. Precious told us that they would always call her a witch whilst they were abusing her.

Precious said that she was so scared that she admitted to being a witch in the hope that they would stop beating and abusing her.

Safe Child Africa was made aware of Precious' ordeal in July 2014, and has since helped her to rebuild her life. Precious is now living in the safety of a caring host family and is enjoying a fresh start in school.We have also reached out to her mother, challenging her beliefs, with the hope that one day she will begin to rebuild her relationship with Precious.

Thanks to you, we can protect and support many more children like Precious. 

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