"We must use time wisely and forever realise that the time is always ripe to do right"

-Nelson Mandela 

There are many ways to support Safe Child Africa and donating your time or talents could work for you. If you have a few hours a month that you could free up to help us, or if you have a special talent that you think we could use - please tell us! 

Right now we could do with some help in the areas of Graphic Design, Public Speaking (in any one of the areas North Manchester; South Manchester or Manchester City Centre) collecting can distribution and general office duties. If you fancy tackling any of the above - let's talk! 

Our Time and Talents roles are all unpaid. However we hope the experience of working with a great team, and making an enormous impact on the lives of children in desperate need, will be a reward in itself. If you agree, please contact timeandtalents@safechildafrica.org

Updated March 2017