Day 14: The Ogoni struggle…

More planning. This time with Moses at Bebor School. 

We follow a similar pattern to the discussion with SSMS 2 days ago. We look at the income generating plans Moses has compiled and test the feasibility, timescales and project management. There's still some work to do but we're making progress. 

We hear more about the daily struggles of Ogoni people and Moses tells us about his work to promote the rights of women who find themselves widowed. It's a heart-breaking struggle for survival for families with children missing out on their childhoods. 

Many live on the streets, hawking goods and trying to earn enough money to to keep starvation at bay. There's no money or time to go to school. 

Our education projects provide the means to enable children to get off the streets and access education. For more information on how we help such children click here.

Moses shows us a map of Ogoniland, home of the Ogoni activist and campaigner Ken Saro Wiwa who was hanged by military

Off to Uyo in the morning to catch a flight back to Abuja. My trip is nearing the end: I'm going to miss being in the Niger Delta.

I'm looking forward to getting back to Abuja, as it's one step closer to my family who I'm really missing. Can't wait to see them all.