Safe Child Africa relies entirely on the generosity of our supporters to deliver change for the children that we seek to help.

Without you we simply wouldn't be able to make change happen. That's why your trust is so valuable to us and why we're committed to being fully transparent and accountable, to you.

Safe Child Africa Supporter Guarantee

Our Supporter Guarantee clearly outlines our commitment to you when you choose to support the work of Safe Child Africa:

 1. Transparency about how we put your support to use   

We spend donations so they have the most impact for children

We value every gift we receive, large and small. We will always endeavour to put your gift to work as quickly as we can and we will let you know if this changes.  

   2. Feedback that enables you to see how you're helping transform children's lives

Your support helps children in our projects. We will share stories of our work with you and be honest about the challenges, as well as the successes, that we face.

When a crisis affects the areas where we work, we’ll do our best to contact you as quickly as possible to let you know how children are affected.

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    3. Respect your privacy and your generosity

We will not make cold telephone calls to members of the general public.

We’ll never sell your data. We will never share it.

    4. An approach that’s right for you

We’ll make it clear and easy for you to choose how you hear from us and how often you do. If you ask us not to contact you we won’t, unless it’s a legal requirement.

Our team of trustees and volunteers will adhere to the 'Institute of Fundraising's' policy on vulnerable people.    

    5. A friendly and open response when you get in touch. A resolution to your query.

If we get things wrong, we’ll be upfront about our mistakes, apologise and fix them. If you would like to chat to us please contact us at and we would be happy to arrange to speak to you, if that is your preferred method of contact..

We also fully comply with all relevant laws, including the Data Protection Act 1998, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 and the Telephone Preference Service. Over the coming months we will be working towards compliance of the new General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into effect from May 2018.

We strive for best practice in fundraising and we will register with the new Fundraising Regulator, when we are invited to do so. In the meantime we will strive to comply with the Fundraising Regulator's Fundraising Promise.

Last updated: October 2017.