Welcome to the Summer 2019 Newsletter!


“Welcome to the Summer 2019 Edition of our Newsletter! 

We may have been a little quieter than usual over the past few months…but the work continues in our projects in the Niger Delta (which you can read about in this Newsletter)and also here in the UK, where we've been busy redesigning our website.

we hope our new website is simpler to use, easier to navigate and a place, where in just a couple of clicks, you can find exactly what you need to know about our work.

Along with the updated look, we’ve added in features that we hope will take you on a journey through our projects. Starting with the 3 core strands to our work: Child Protection and Support, Education and Advocacy you can read what our current focus is, in each of these areas.

But we have also added in new pages which we hope show you where we’ve come from. You can see how we’re spending the money you donate by reading through our current and previous Annual Reports. We’ve added in a new FAQ page, which we hope will answer the questions we’re most often asked and if it’s news you’re interested in, you can read our backdated e-newsletters too. Please take a few moments to visit our website - it’s still at the same address www.safechildafrica.org and when you’ve had a look tell us what you think. It’s by no means the finished item - we have more features to add over the coming months and we would value the views of our supporters, as we do this. Please drop us a message at info@safechildafrica.org to tell us what you think about what you see and what you would like to see as we evolve. 

But before you do any of that, please pause to take a look at this edition of the Newsletter. In this edition we bring you news of the Fostering Service which is now up and running at the Emergency Accommodation Shelter. You can also read more about the work that goes on behind the scenes at the Shelter, through the eyes of one of the team - Project Officer Ese Ibor. 

As always thank you for your support and continued commitment to our work. Without which we simply would not be able to continue to help the children and young people who need us most.”   

Kind regards


 James Trevett - Chair of Trustees