Thousands of children live on the streets in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. They’re seen as outcasts by society and many of them are victims of witchcraft accusations. No one should have a childhood like this.

Meet Moses

Moses was given away by his Mother, who was too poor to care for him. Living on the streets for so long, Moses would often have to steal to survive and when he was found, he was very distrusting of the help given. 

Since then, he has been given new clothes, medical care and has enrolled in school. He is described by his teacher as "hardworking, studious, and intelligent" and he now wants to become a lawyer so he can help other children in need.

What's life like on the street?

Street children in Nigeria have little or no access to their basic needs. Life is a day-to-day struggle to get food, water and shelter. They are unable to attend school, and generally survive by begging or stealing.

As a result, local communities commonly consider them to be criminals or deviants, and they face violence and discrimination. Many children are forced into stealing by criminal gangs, while many others turn to drugs as a way to cope.

Some children have been on the street so long they can't even remember their birthday or age.

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Why are so many children on the streets?

Many children are on the streets in Nigeria because they’ve been accused of witchcraft, meaning they risk being violently abused and even killed. It is estimated that hundreds of children have been abandoned by their families because they are thought to be witches. Other children run away to escape the abuse they face at home.

Many children are forced to work on the street because their families are too poor to send them to school or because they are being exploited by those that should be caring for them.

Just £10 a month could send a former street child to school for a year.

We help street children to enjoy fun activities such as dance classes

We help street children to enjoy fun activities such as dance classes

How we help street children

We help children find somewhere safe to stay and get back into school. As well as this, we teach street children about their rights. We also mentor them to turn away from a life of crime and help them to be who they want to be.