Samuel: missing since April 2015

Samuel: missing since April 2015

Samuel was just 5 years old when he was abducted; Silas was 6 when was taken from the area around his home and baby Favour was just a year and four months old when she was abducted from her Mother. All of these children and countless others like them were abducted in 2015.

And over 3 years on, every one of them is still missing.  

This week, our partners at BRCI in Calabar, launched a search appeal to help trace the whereabouts of 11 ‘stolen’ children, who were abducted from their families or homes.

In each of these cases, the disappearances of these children has been reported to the Police, but despite this, little or no progress has been made into the recovery and safe return of any of these children.

In Cross Rivers State, where our partners BRCI operate, children are vulnerable in just about every situation imaginable - in the streets, their homes, in schools, in their local communities: attitudes towards children fall depressingly short of where they should be.

The fact that these 11 children remain unfound, their abductions unsolved, their lives largely forgotten, exemplifies the vulnerability that faces children of all ages, in the Niger Delta, each every day. And it shows we need to do more to help.

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The work that you, our generous supporters have enabled us to shape, has given Safe Child Africa the power to create a life changing emergency accommodation centre and child protection centre, however we see increasingly that work to tackle the other side of the problem still desperately needs funding/support/needs to step up.

Our partners at BRCI have already begun developing a programme of advocacy that will :

Advocate for an effective and efficient family court system to ensure that the rights  of children are safeguarded and upheld.

Engage civil society in dialogue and advocacy to recognise that child witchcraft accusations are unlawful

Engage appropriate levels of government in dialogue and advocacy for the recognition and inclusion of children and their specific needs in policy and governance.

Create peer groups in primary and post primary to engage directly with pupils to propagate their human rights   

We want to help our partners at BRCI and SYDRI (read more here) and PACT be better equipped and more able to engage civil society in a new programme that puts the care, welfare and safety of all children firmly in the hearts and minds of civil society in the Niger Delta.

We want to arm our partners with the tools they will need change attitudes towards xxxxxx, open debates into xxxxxxxx (DD to elaborate and explain in more detail what this will do)


Could you donate a one off gift of £25.00 to help our partners reach a remote community who have never heard that child witchcraft accusations are unlawful?

Or run a workshop on stopping physical punishment – such as spanking? 

Engage with schools through peer to peer engagement?

We are hugely grateful for the support and commitment you give to our current projects. Without your dedication and help we simply would not have been able to achieve all the milestones we have.