Education about global issues is so important. That's why we work with schools all over the UK to raise awareness and help pupils to understand their world and become change makers.


There are many ways we can support UK schools, such as holding assemblies and helping you fundraise. To get in touch, please message us below or call 0161 637 0650. 

"We invited Aimee from Safe Child Africa to deliver a session to our Year 3 children as part of our Africa topic. She shared the wonderful work the charity does using an age appropriate case study of a young boy, which was both interactive and engaging. Aimee inspired the children so much with her enthusiasm and passion for the charity's work, that they wanted to fundraise to help make a difference. We held a bake sale, providing the children with invaluable mini enterprise skills, experience and more importantly, a real reason for all their efforts and hard work. It was such a success that we invited Safe Child Africa back this year and did it all again!"

Mrs Wood, Gosford Park Primary School, Coventry. 

School Speakers

Does your school follow the National Curriculum? If so, we can deliver workshops specifically tailored to subjects such as Geography, Citizenship, and History. If not then we'll happily work with you to create sessions tailored to your curriculum needs. 

The skills that we learn outside of the classroom are sometimes just as important as the ones we learn inside. We offer a variety of enterprise-based workshops, designed to enhance the planning, organisation, and reflectivity skills of the students. All workshops are age-group specific and can also be tailored to ability. 

Partner with a Nigerian school

Under the British Council's 'Connecting Classrooms' initiative we can partner schools in the UK with the schools we support in Nigeria. This can involve shared projects and correspondence between pupils, and we can even connect pupils over Skype.

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We can offer you even more support by providing UK schools with our Nigeria Education Pack, complete with lesson plans and teachers sheets. We can facilitate at least one workshop per year and help out with fundraising events. 

Join our Schools Fundraising Network

We've set up an exciting new fundraising network just for UK schools. Here, you can hear about events and success in other schools, be the first to know all the latest news about our schools in Nigeria and get the first peek at our nationwide fundraising events. As well as this, you can have access to our free materials such as Education Pack and request visits from Safe Child Africa staff to deliver workshops and sessions. 

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