Every child protection case that we undertake is unique. Just like the child who is hurting at the heart of it.

The rescue and recovery of children accused of witchcraft is a long and difficult process. 

So our crisis support is about depth of care, rather than breadth of numbers.

Each case involves painstaking research, countless home visits, follow up calls, evidence gathering and weeks and sometimes months of working within the confines of a failing justice system. Read Miriam's Story here.

Sometimes, the children we help are so forgotten that they don't know how old they are or even when their birthday is.

But we seek to change that. We work to help each child begin the slow process of rebuilding every part of their lives. And around every child we remove from danger, we place a 'Safety Net' a tailored package of medical care, emergency accommodation, food, clothing, access to justice, counselling and where needed, education.

Every time we do this, a child is made safe; and in this part of Africa, that means a life is saved. 

In 2016 our Child Protection Team in Calabar reported that as a direct result of your support, 50 lives have been saved, 50 faces are learning how to smile again; 50 hearts are still beating.

And with your continued support, we can save more lives in 2017.