A Rocking Good Time

Festival Fundraising

Hosting a festival style evening of live music, comedy and ‘beltin’ choonz’ is definitely a way to put the ‘fun’ into fundraising.

And that’s exactly what Acme Bass Company did when they raised £800 to support our ‘Fund the First Night’ campaign.

Every year we are so grateful that the people behind this company, who have supported us for the last 10 years, choose Safe Child Africa as their charity of choice to donate the proceeds from their yearly charity gig.

freear (002).jpg

This year Safe Child Africa’s Programme’s Manager, Emilie, went along for the night. Emilie said “that night could indeed be described as ‘beltin’! Hundreds of people turned up. I even took my Dad along: we both ended up dancing and singing till the early morning. It was a wonderful atmosphere full of genuinely interesting and generous people wanting to help make a difference. We are truly grateful to have such amazing long-term supporters”


Our fundraisers always inspire us and we love hearing your stories. If you feel you’d like to make a difference this summer – perhaps a Summer BBQ or Stargazing Sleep Out – there are always simple ways to raise funds easily and with friends. So if you feel you can put the ‘fun into fundraising’ we would love to hear from you.