Knitters needed to create 'Forever Friends'

Knitters needed to create ‘Forever Friends’

In our last Newsletter we brought you an update on the development of our new Emergency Accommodation Shelter, in Calabar, Cross Rivers State, which is now up and running.  

The Emergency Accommodation Shelter was developed after it became evident there was a desperate need to provide temporary shelter for children fleeing a range of abusive situations, including child witchcraft accusations and violent or sexual abuse. Our experience over the last 10 years has shown that every case of abuse is unique. This is why the tailor made services we offer within the Emergency Accommodation are designed to meet the medical, physical and emotional needs of each and every child.  

What is common to all children who arrive at our Shelter, is the warm welcome they receive from our dedicated team, the cosy bed that awaits them and the knowledge they can sleep safely and securely, free from danger. 

We want to make that first night at our Shelter even better for these children. We would like to provide each child with a comforting cuddly toy that they can snuggle up with from the first night and forever.

Many of the children we support, have never known kindness, or what it means to hold something that is their very own.  For many of these children this will be their first ever toy.

We want to ask our yarn-enthusiastic supporters to ‘knit-with-love’ a ‘Forever Friend’ like this one made by Sarah, one of our dedicated supporters.

This little ted is passport ready, to help an abused child take their first steps to recovery and a future free from fear.

Could you or someone you know knit, crochet or create a Forever Friend for another child? If you can help, please contact Lisa for more information (and knitting patterns!) Message Lisa:

Aimee Smith