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Having time on our hands may well feel like a thing of the past, with everyone leading such busy lives.

However a recent survey carried out for National Volunteering Week, found that a staggering 20.1 million or 38% of the population volunteered their time at least once, during 2017/2018, with those that benefitted most from this gift, including charities, community projects and growing companies. 

As Chair of Trustees for Safe Child Africa, I am fortunate to be part of a dedicated Board of Trustees - all of whom are volunteers - and all of whom give freely of their time, knowledge and expertise to oversee both the UK and African operations of the charity.

As well we providing strategic input and operational guidance, the Board of Trustees provide governance and ensure the charity remains fully accountable to both its supporters and the Charity Commission, with whom we are registered. 

We simply could not operate Safe Child Africa without Volunteers and if, as I did (a number of years ago!) you ever feel like you would like to get involved, perhaps now is the time to do something about it?

As an international NGO we are inundated with generous offers from people who want to know how they can volunteer to help us deliver our frontline projects, o how they can Foster or adopt one of the children we support. It’s never easy to have to decline such kindness, but as a partner organisation this is something we are not able to facilitate for a number of reasons - Safeguarding being the most obvious one.

The new FAQ Page on our recently updated website explains more and can you read about it HERE

But the face of volunteering has changed dramatically in recent years and even though we aren't able to offer volunteering opportunities through our service delivery we do have opportunities available for people to engage in micro-volunteering activities and other non traditional forms of volunteering. This could include sharing social media stories on our behalf, retweeting stories that help to raise awareness of the work we do and talking to your local circle of friends, family and colleagues about what the charity does and why it is needed. 

Of course we also welcome volunteers who would like to help us raise funds by staging their own events and also those who feel they have the skills, knowledge or expertise to bring to our current Board of Trustees.

Volunteering is a two way process. As well as supporting a cuase that you believe in the result should be a fulfilling and worthwhile experience that may also add valuable skills experience or social value to your CV. 

If you think you may be interested - get in touch!

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