Day 16: Final day...

It’s a day to catch up on emails, do some writing and relax a little before an overnight flight to Manchester via Frankfurt. 

Firstly though I want to visit a craft market to buy some gifts to take home. I end up at a great little market close to some of the major international hotels and pick up a variety of small gifts that I hope my family will appreciate!  

On the way back I snap a picture of an old Peugeot pick up that must be 40-50 years old. I've seen loads of these whilst I've been here and the fact they're still running are truly a testament to the ingenuity of the Nigerian people. 

I know I've been become slightly obsessed with the cars, vans and lorries I've seen here and have taken plenty of photos that try to capture the engineering ingenuity that keeps these vehicles going although many are in really poor condition. 

I return to write some thank-yous to people that have supported our trip and given their time so generously whilst we've been here before getting ready for the long flight home.

It departs at midnight so I have few hours to reflect on this amazing, inspirational experience!