Last week our Child Support Team in Calabar, made us aware of a young boy called Chinelo*, who is being subjected to persecution by his own family. 

"Chinelo is 11 years old.  And homeless.

For the last four months he has been denied access to the family home - where his Mother, Step-Father and younger Step-Sister live, because he has been branded a child witch.

Every night, while the family sleep comfortably inside, Chinelo* is forced to sleep outside, in the cold, alone.

By day, Chinelo's family give him errands to run; and order him to take his Step-Sister to school, even though he has no shoes on his feet, but his Step-Sister does."

No one deserves a childhood like this. Please support our work, by donating whatever you can afford, so we can help Chinelo and other children suffering the same predicament, this Christmas. 

(*Name and image has been changed to protect the child's identity)