Children accused of witchcraft have voices that need to be heard; experiences that must be shared. We empower children to speak out. And make sure that society is listening. 

Because for children accused of witchcraft, nobody listens.  In Nigeria, knowledge of Child Rights, of the laws that protect children and appropriate ways to treat them, is poor. And when child does abuse does happen, perpetrators are rarely, if ever, brought to justice.  

But Nigerian children do have rights.. And we run advocacy programmes that are committed to making this crystal clear.  

We believe children should know they have rights... 

And be supported to stand up for them. We believe all children should understand what those rights mean, in a practical sense, in their daily lives.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with children...   

To help them speak out, at events like the International Day For Street Children. And we're currently developing projects to get children's voices heard at the UN.  

We work to change attitudes towards child rights...

And we work at grass roots, with a coalition of volunteer child rights based organisations, to redraw Nigerian civil society's understanding of child rights and what it means to abuse them.   

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Updated October 2017