Child witchcraft accusations are a harrowing reality that the world has still not woken up to.

It is hard to believe that this real and growing humanitarian crisis is happening, right now, in 2017.  These barbaric acts of cruelty may not be happening where you live, but what if they did ?

What if there was no child helpline to call?

What if there was no social care system to report witchcraft accusations and child abuse to?

What if there was no effective police system to hear and respond to a cry for help?

What if there was no effective criminal justice system to bring perpetrators of child abuse, to justice?

What if nobody listened to you, ever?     



In 2017 Safe Child Africa is launching Safety Net, the first comprehensive child protection system in the Niger Delta and the first of its kind in West Africa.

Based in Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Safety Net will build on the existing child protection service that Safe Child Africa has been running since 2010.

Our new service will deliver person centred crisis support and care to children who have experienced accusations of child witchcraft,  physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, abandonment or physical violence. For the first time ever Safety Net will enable us to provide an 8 bed ‘Emergency Safe House’ facility where children can find safe respite for up to 7 nights, while a more suitable long term solution is sought for them, through the end-to-end Safety Net service.

Safety Net will provide a lifeline for these children and a viable alternative for the many children who otherwise have no choice between staying with their abuser or fleeing to the streets.    

If you can be A Safety Net for one of these children, please help us, now.