Help us tell the world about the suffering of children in Nigeria. If we speak loudly enough, we'll remind those in power of their responsibility to protect them. These children desperately need a voice – and we can be it.


Join our PACT campaign network

Our global network of campaigners plays a vital role in making sure children's voices are heard by those with the power to make positive changes. We need YOU to help us tell the world about what is going on, and to make sure governments live up to their responsibilities to children. 

You can find out more about our PACT Campaign at on the PACT Facebook page.



Louder Together

On the 12th April each year, Safe Child Africa joins with other street children charities around the world to call on the United Nations to recognise Street Children and to put their needs on the world's agenda.

As a supporter of Safe Child Africa, the International Day for Street Children is a great opportunity to talk or fundraise with your school, work or community, and shout about all the issues close to your heart and how your charity chooses to make a difference.

Sign the Demand a Day petition now and help street children get the attention they deserve.


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