Stepping Stones Model School and Bebor School

Stepping Stones Model School and Bebor School are two state funded primary schools. one of which the charity funded the building of around 13 years ago (at the time the Charity was known as Stepping Stones Nigeria) Safe Child Africa continues to provide scholarships at both schools, to pupils who otherwise would not be be able to attend school. These are for things like transport costs, school uniforms and levy ‘payments’ that are often required in Nigeria state educations for Teachers. All costs that would otherwise mean these children would be excluded from school and would be denied their right to an education. In some cases, these children have disabilities or may have been outcast by society for a number of reasons, so our scholarships support their place in education, which is fundamental to our long term aim of a future from fear, for children in this area of Nigeria.

Safe Child Africa is in the final year of a 3 year funding programme for these schools, which means that in the longer term they will be able to earn an income to support the type of pupils that we are currently funding (those with greatest financial hardship/needs) We want them to become able to stand on their own two feet, and run the schools in such a way that htye don’t have these funding hurdles to overcome. so with our support we have granted funding to the schools to develop fish and snail farms which will provide a rich source of protein to an otherwise nutrionally deprived area (as a result of multiple oil spills which have devastated traditional forms of agriculture and farming) and genrate an income for the schools. In addition one of the schools is developing a School hall/community centre which again provides a space that will enahnce the school but also acts as an extra source of income as this can be sub-let to the local community.