Every click counts!

Shop online ? Find out how you can raise money for Safe Child Africa every time you go through the checkout!

If you shop online at Tesco, Amazon, Selfridges, Mothercare, Clarks, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, John Lewis (among 3,000 other online retailers) you could be helping Safe Child Africa to raise vital funds every time you shop.

Sign up to one of the affiliate shopping websites (details at the bottom of this page) and as you check out the items in your basket, the retailer you are shopping with, will be contributing about 2.5% of your overall purchase price to the charity of your choice (which we hope might be Safe Child Africa!)

That might not seem like much, but if you use a website such as www.giveasyoulive.co.uk' every time you shop, that 2.5% quickly adds up and turns into a tangible gift that could buy emergency medical care for a child accused of witchcraft, or nourishing food for a week for a child who has been neglected.   

In fact Give as you Live has been working with over 20,000 UK charities and over 3,000 leading online retailers since 2012 and at the end of January 2014 Give as you Live shopper had raised £4,199,940 for national and local charities!

To join the scheme, you just need to log onto www.giveasyoulive.co.uk and choose Safe Child Africa as your chosen charity.  Once you have signed up the their website will download a plug-in which works in the background.

The next time you want to shop, you go through the 'giveasyoulive' portal and your chosen retailer website appears just as it would normally. You then shop an d check out just as you would.

The clever bit, is that 'giveasyoulive' will let the retailer know how much they need to pass on to the charity - and that's it.

You can check into your 'giveasyoulive' account at any time to see how much you have raised, and your charity of choice will be sent what you have generated at monthly or quarterly intervals.

In 2013 the UK spent a staggering £91b through online shopping, so there's every reason to sign up and take advantage of this free and easy way to raise funds. 

To be a part of it please go to www.giveasyoulive.co.uk

You may prefer to check out some other affiliate giving websites before you sign up. www.moneysavingexpert.com is a good place to start. They have a helpful comparison table which helps you assess which is the right affiliate giving programme for you.