The Accumulator Challenge

Could you make big change with your loose change? Could you turn £1 into £5...and then £10...and £20...£50...even a £100 for Safe Child Africa?

Why not take up the The Accumulator Challenge and find out? This challenge allows you to flex your entrepreneurial skills, test your attitude towards risk and unleash hidden talents by investing a small amount of money in a variety of fundraising and 'money making' activities to reach a set goal.

You can run an Accumulator Challenge as an individual or a group - so it can offer great team building opportunities too! And whatever way you decide, you'll be helping raise money to support marginalised and abused children at the same time.    

How do I get started? 

1) Decide whether it will be an Online or Offline challenge. Online challenges are helpful it you plan to use social media to publicise your challenge, or if you're appealing to a group of people who would find it easier to support your challenge online. Some activities might work better using actual cash (offline) so it's a good idea to be prepared to collect your money both ways. You'll need to set up a Just Giving or Virgin Money page to collect online donations and a collecting can or secure box to collect cash, offline.  

2) Set a deadline - how long will your Accumulator Challenge run for? Will you keep going until you reach your target? Or see how much you can raise within a certain time frame?

3) Are you going it alone or as part of a team? An Accumulator Challenge is a great personal goal but is often easier if a team of people pool their contacts and resources to reach their target. You could even set up more than one team and compete to reach your target? If you are setting up a team it is a good idea to make sure you appoint two people to take care of safeguarding and tallying the cash and someone to oversee the 'plan' of how you're going to run and invest your Accumulator.          

4)  How much are you going to invest? Most people kick off their Accumulator by investing £1. But you could start with £2, £5 or £10. The aim is to double your money as you move towards your target so that if you do start with £1 your first investment returns at least £2, your next £4 and then £8 and so on. 

5) Decide what activity will launch your Accumulator Challenge. It could be a 'guess the weight' or 'guess the age' or 'how many sweets in the jar...' challenge. By charging a nominal fee to take part, you will quickly double your money and be ready to move onto your next step in the challenge.

6) Decide your challenge 'plan' will you buy lottery tickets? place bets? or offer skills or talents for a small fee. The best way to run an effective accumulator is to fit it around your day-to-day routine. For example, if you work with a bunch of cake loving colleagues, you could use the proceeds to buy ingredients to then hold a bake sale. Or you might lobby your boss to ask them to donate a 'free day of annual leave' which you could then sell raffle tickets for.  

7) Let us know what you're doing to achieve your Accumulator Challenge and how you're doing it - please send us your pics and accumulator activities so we can share them on our Facebook page too!

8) Tell us when you've reached your target! We would love to celebrate your success in our quarterly newsletter and on our Website!

If you need any help getting set up, or if you're struggling for ideas or inspiration get in touch - we'll be happy to help!

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