Got a minute to spare? Test your knowledge on all things Nigerian in our 60 second quiz!

1. What is the nickname of the Nigerian Football Team? 

Nigerian Football Team.jpg

2) Wild lions are extinct in Nigeria, true or false? 

3) What is 'Mr Biggs?' 

4) The Niger River is the third longest river in Africa (after the Nile and the Congo) but what length is it? a) 2600 miles b) 1700 miles or c) 3,150 miles

5) What is the capital city of Nigeria? 

Busy city image.jpg

6) Which of the following are commonly available in Nigerian take-outs:

a) Doughnuts? b) Meat pies? c) Jollof rice?

Jollof rice.jpg



How did you do? Click here for answers

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